About Us

About Us

Family-Owned and Operated Company Serving Midland and Essexville, MI

Automotive Division

Dedicated to quality repair and service for over 45 years, Anderson’s Service Centers’ automotive division does it all. Getting to where we are today however, took a lot of hard work that started at a very young age for owner Keith Anderson. Read his story!

In 1968, Keith Anderson started an automotive repair shop at age 16; although it wasn’t much, Keith’s dad let him work out of his garage at home, which gave him experience. Keith got a van after graduating from high school, and started offering mobile troubleshooting and light repairs to customers at their homes, or wherever their vehicle was. This small business was called Automotive Therapy in which Keith was considered the car doctor. That business grew so much so that people requested more than just simple tune-ups and troubleshooting. He ended up renting a one bay garage in downtown Midland as the base of his operations.

In 1975, Keith had the opportunity to get his first service station: a Boron Station in Midland. With the workload that he and his staff had at the time with running the service station, there was not enough time for mobile work anymore. With the service station, almost all of the work was done in-house. Just three years later, he found he was growing out of the two bay Boron Service Station, so they moved into a three bay Shell Service Station in downtown Midland. It didn’t take long for their business to grow out of the three bay garage and once again, they were looking to expand. 

In 1980, he acquired another Shell Service Station on the corner of Saginaw Rd. and Patrick Rd. With the second location, he was running both the downtown garage and the Saginaw Road Station. In 1984, he thought it would be best to have all the repair work done in one location. He expanded the Saginaw Rd. Shell Station by adding three more bays, giving the station a total of six service bays! With more space, came more work, so they added a second shift of technicians. Their business hours included 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, which customers really liked because they could drop off their car after work and pick it up on their way to work. Businesses could even have work done on their vehicles during their off hours.

In 1998, Keith closed the Shell Service Station and moved the automotive division to their present location on Patrick Road. They now have eight bays and are still offering second shift business hours. Keith’s daughter Amy and son-in-law Dirk, are helping in managing the automotive division and still offers the same great service as before.

Marine Division

Keith decided to expand into the marine business in 1989. A boatyard in Essexville was acquired on the Saginaw River next to the Coast Guard Station and the Saginaw Bay Yacht Club. The marine division stores boats up to 30 tons; it also does fiberglass work, wood work, air conditioning and refrigeration, and electrical and mechanical repair. 

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