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We all know how rewarding and frustrating it can be to own a car. You drive over one pothole and your tire pops. Your brakes start making a noise that doesn’t sound promising. Or, you need a costly transmission because yours decided it was time to go. We’re certain you know the rewards you get when owning a car as it gets you from one place to another in an efficient and timely manner. 

When your vehicle needs work, we at Anderson’s Service Centers, have you covered. We do it all! Everything from oil changes to engine overhaul. Our automotive division has years of experience and a friendly and capable staff that can fix your car with confidence. We can provide service for any and all mechanical problems with your car but here are a few of the more common services for drivers all over Midland and Essexville, MI.  

What We Do 

Oil Changes - Our technicians can change your vehicle’s oil in no time. We’ll make sure the job gets done properly to ensure your car runs at peak efficiency, keeps you safe, and protects your investment, making it last longer. It will be ready for the next 3,000 miles or so until your next oil change!

Brake Repair - If your brakes are making a screeching noise when your car comes to a halt, don’t risk driving around with faulty brakes any longer than you already have. We can repair brakes for all makes and models. 

Transmission Repair - Did your “Check Engine Light” turn on? It could be a problem with your transmission. We’ll take a look under your vehicle’s hood to diagnose the source of the problem and come up with a long-lasting solution. 

Engine Repair - Without an engine, your car is simply inoperable. To get your car back on the road, let our technicians repair your broken engine for an affordable rate.   

Our auto shop also offers tune-ups, fuel pumps, rear differential overhauls, and many other services. Call our shop today if you need your vehicle repaired. Remember, we offer convenient business hours to accommodate all of our customers. 

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